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Vol. 10 No. 6


Exercising your mind is as important as exercising your body. You might think that, since work keeps you going a million miles an hour five days a week, that you’re getting all the mental fitness you need. But, that’s not the trick to exercising your mind. The real trick to keeping your mind focused and healthy is to learn something new every day.

Here are some ideas for stretching your mind a little each day.

Read every night before bed. Turning off your computer, cell phone, iPad, and television and settling into bed with a good book helps your mind relax. Constant electronic stimulation keeps your mind working, but doesn’t help with relaxation or with concentration, and can interfere with REM sleep which is necessary for feeling your best in the morning. Reading a book for just 30 minutes a night can make a big improvement in your overall health—and a dent in your must-read list.

Set aside an evening for a documentary. This idea may seem silly, or even drab. But, documentaries can be engaging and informative. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a weekly movie date with yourself or family, try searching YouTube for a topic that interests you. There are probably some short clips that will consume a few minutes of your time verses a full two-hours. Try to find topics that are new to you. The key here is to broaden your insight.

Subscribe to blogs. Following blogs is a great way to keep in touch with constantly evolving trends. And, we’re not just talking about what’s in or out for the season in the fashion industry. Blogs keep you connected to education trends, technology updates, and trending opinions. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are available for nearly every topic fathomable. One of the best tricks to finding hot blog sites is to set up a Twitter account and start searching, following, and subscribing to what strikes you as interesting. You don’t need to spend hours upon hours each day surfing (although it might be hard to stop once you’re on a roll). Just spend a few minutes several times a week browsing what’s fresh. Look for blogs that inspire you. Here are a few resources we've put together:

Take a class. Look for local classes or clubs that are completely outside your comfort zone. If you suffer from lack of kitchen skills, find a cooking class. If you’re challenged on the dance floor, look for an adult dance class. Or, if you’re into exploring your region's great outdoors, look for a photography course that will help you capture some of the amazing finds along your journeys. If you’re watching your budget, try searching for clubs instead of classes. Often clubs are free to join or have low dues while classes can be costly for often a short period of time.

Work on the morning crossword puzzle. Crosswords make great companions to a morning cup of coffee or tea. Take a few minutes out of your routine to settle in with the morning paper and a pencil. It might even be something you want to involve the family in over breakfast. Whether you’re alone or with your family, crosswords are great ways to get your mind moving first thing in the morning.

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