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Students’ Self-Reporting of Homework Times Wildly Inaccurate, 2016 Study Finds

Vol. 16 No. 1

There’s been a lot of chatter about the efficacy of homework lately, even here on The Source. Some folks find fault with the quality of homework given, and others with the quantity.

However, a study published in the June 2016 edition of the Journal of Psychology has evidence that previous reports and suggestions based on student estimations of homework time could be wildly inaccurate. If verified, this finding could possibly invalidate the last decade’s worth of homework efficacy studies.

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“Free” Doesn’t Mean “No Cost”—The Siphoning of Student Data to Advertisers

Vol. 16 No. 1

Every program, app, or webinar costs something, even if it’s not money. They require your time and attention, which could have gone toward other priorities. Some require your tacit agreement to receive more information about their goods and services.

And some pay for their overhead using student data collected from “free” programs.

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10 Reasons You Were Meant to Work at a Private School

Vol. 16 No. 1

Life as a private-independent school administrator is intensely rewarding, despite the emergencies or interdepartmental spats that arise every fifth moment of the day. When it starts to feel like your entire job is consumed by all the negative aspects, read this article and rediscover why you began your private school career.

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