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The Authenticity of Student Evaluations

Vol. 13 No. 9

How much weight should student evaluations of their teachers carry? On the one hand, students are with their instructors nearly every day. Their engagement and education is directly impacted by how well their teachers perform, and so perhaps may deserve to be heard within the broader evaluation framework. However, new research suggests that students—even adult students!—may not have the emotional maturity or perspective to offer “authentic” reviews of their teachers.

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The Professorship of Play

Vol. 13 No. 9

In a time when public schools are cutting recess and other "down time" periods in favor of increased academic instruction, one school has decided to prioritize the role of play. In fact, with the generous help of Lego, it's going so far as to establish a "Professorship of Play" to study how and why playing helps children grow and learn.

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