heads eletter Vol.14 No.6 romance

Managing Romancing Employees

Vol. 14 No. 6

In this, the most romantic of months, love is in the air for student sweethearts—and maybe in your administrative ranks, as well. When people spend most of their waking hours together, it’s natural for crushes to form for admirable, available peers, regardless if your school’s policies frown on it or not. If you find that love is swamping your school’s halls and offices, here are some ways in which to keep everyone’s “head in the game”—instead of Cupid’s clouds.

heads eletter Vol.14 No.6 reenrollment

The One Question School Heads Must Answer to Guarantee Re-enrollment

Vol. 14 No. 6

As School Head, you play a crucial part in your school’s advancement goals—particularly re-enrollment. There is no one else who can speak on behalf of your school quite as comprehensively and authoritatively as the School Head, which means you personally can wield a great deal of power and persuasion when it comes to student retention.

So, while the Admission Office works on accepting new mission-appropriate students, take a moment to address one vital question that no one else can answer.

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