heads eletter Vol.14 No.1 Families

Conversations With New Families: Retention Starts With You

Vol. 14 No. 1

Retention efforts for your school’s families start on Day One, and as School Head, you have a unique opportunity to reinforce your school’s appreciation of their contribution to the broader community. September, then, is the time to reach out to your new families as the “figurehead” of the school and make them feel personally welcome in their new educational community.

heads eletter Vol.14 No.1 NewHead

Advice to New School Heads

Vol. 14 No. 1

Welcome, new School Heads! It’s a new school year, with new challenges to face and new ideas to implement. We know that, whether you’re new to the role or new to the school, transition can be overwhelming. Knowing this, we’ve compiled a list of three essential pointers to get you started.

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