head eletter vol16 no3 excellence

6 Ways to Use the Characteristics of Professional Excellence

Vol. 16 No. 3

We often refer to the Characteristics of Professional Excellence: A list of specific behaviors, values, and attitudes that every school must create to illustrate how its faculty acts to meet the school’s mission and helps mold its intended graduates.

ISM has developed a broad list of Characteristics of Professional Excellence that includes 35 items we believe should help guide private-independent school educators’ actions and behaviors.

head eletter vol16 no3 boardmeetin

How to Prepare for Your Next Board Meeting

Vol. 16 No. 3

All School Heads face the same dichotomy when it comes to the Board: You are the Board’s sole employee and are expected to receive direction from its members. Yet, you are the person in the school each day.

Board meetings are times when the whole Board comes together. Each meeting is the perfect time to help influence the Board’s operations and demonstrate your skill as a leader. Preparing effectively for each Board meeting is essential.

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