head eletter vol16 no6 wellbein

Why the Well-Being of the School Head Matters

Vol. 16 No. 6

Research proves that the well-being of the School Head can have a profound impact on the school. ISM recently conducted an investigation into how the well-being of the School Head truly impacts school outcomes, including faculty culture, student enrollment, and the Head’s own long-term success.

head eletter vol16 no6 tuitionowed

Should You Re-enroll Students Who Owe Tuition?

Vol. 16 No. 6

A student is behind on tuition, but his or her family has promised to pay the remaining amount. When contracts for the following year are sent, that student commits to re-enrollment. Now the school needs to make a choice—do you re-enroll a student who owes tuition from a previous term?

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