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Private School Principals Have More Control Than Public School Principals, Working Paper Shows

Vol. 14 No. 10

The American saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth" may be more than folk wisdom, if a new study is to be believed. In an attempt to understand why private schools are commonly considered to be superior to their public school peers, researchers evaluated how autonomous school principals were in several key governance areas. Private school principals and Heads apparently wield greater power when compared to that of their public school counterparts, who seemingly cope with an oligarchy of administrators interfering with decisions.

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2016 Summer Reading List for School Heads

Vol. 14 No. 10

While this time of the year is great to recover mentally and physically from the rigors of the regular school year, there’s little rest for the weary—especially School Heads. To help you rejuvenate and inspire your mind this summer, we asked ISM Consultants for their recommended summer reads. Consider this your all-you-can-read professional development buffet!

heads eletter Vol.14 No.9 communication

The Pros and Cons of Mass Alert Communication Systems for Schools

Vol. 14 No. 9

When trouble strikes your school, you need to inform your parents in a timely effort about what’s occurring. By managing emergency communications, you’re controlling the panic and misinformation that can spread like a virus through your community. How you disperse this information is a critical element in containing the situation. The advent of mass-communication systems—text messages, emails, and automated phone calls—can be both effective and damaging in certain scenarios. Here is a look at the pros and cons of most communication systems used in sync with risk management protocols.

heads eletter Vol.14 No.9 graduation

Four Commencement Speeches for the Ages

Vol. 14 No. 9

Congratulations to your graduating students, School Heads! There’s just one more step you must take with them before they embark on their bright futures—getting them through commencement ceremonies. To lighten your mood during this hectic season, we’ve found what we think are some of the most entertaining, profound, or downright unbelievable commencement speeches delivered by high school students to their peers.

heads eletter Vol14 No8 student leaders

School-Based Student-Leadership Programs: An Overview

Vol. 14 No. 8

As one school year winds down to a close, the next looms only a few months away. That means it’s the perfect time to consider additions to your school’s programming that, come fall, can provide additional opportunities for your students to demonstrate leadership within the context of your school’s mission and priorities.

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“How Did We Do This Year?” —End-of-Year Evaluations

Vol. 14 No. 8

As your school approaches the home stretch of the academic year, evaluations of teacher (and administrator) performances become a high priority before school breaks for the summer session. Some School Heads may approach these meetings with dread, especially if there are low-performers within your ranks. However, an end-of-year evaluation doesn’t necessarily need to be scary—particularly when approached from the coaching model of evaluation.

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