Benefit-Oriented Auxiliary Programs: Summer Program and Extended Day

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JUST UPDATED! A compendium of articles from Ideas & Perspectives on benefit-oriented auxiliary programs: your summer and extended day programs. Learn how to streamline and enhance your programs to better serve your students and families.

Summer Program: The Third 'Semester'

Summer Program: The Third 'Semester'--Upper School

Summer Program: The Third 'Semester'--Lower and Middle School

Summer Program: The Third 'Semester'--Three Administrative Considerations

Redesign a Benefit-Oriented Summer Program

Hiring, Preparing, and Training Staff for Your Summer Program

How to Assess Teacher Impact in Your Summer Program

Internal Marketing Strategies for Your Summer Program

External Marketing for Your Summer Program

Your School's Summer Program and Risk Management

12 Steps to an Effective Extended Day Program

After-School Programs for Middle Schoolers

Auxiliary Income and Unrelated Business Income Tax

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