Explications of Your School Mission (e-book)

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While a mission statement is valuable, no matter how beautiful the wording, it is frequently inadequate. Does you mission truly capture the essence of your school? This collection of articles details not only how to develop a strong mission, but how to create mission statements for your Board, Management Team, school divisions, and school departments. Harness mission to strongly define your school and its culture.

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  • Purpose and Outcome Statements: Capture the Essence of Your School
  • The Power of the Mission Statement
  • What Does a Strong Mission Statement Look Like
  • Product, Process, or Price: How Do You Define Your School?
  • Mission and Leadership: A Primer in Mission-Oriented ‘Change’ Problems
  • Your Management Team’s Mission Statement
  • The Board Mission Statement
  • Create Divisional and Departmental Mission Statements
  • Solutions for Your Wandering Mission Statement
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