Parent Education: Strengthening Parent-School Ties (e-book)

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The goal of a parent education plan is to move parents from a contract mentality (“I pay you a fee to provide a service”) to a true sense of community (“I believe, endorse, and support the mission and core values of the school”). This collection of articles provides a structure for enhancing parent relations at your school—starting from the pre-enrollment period.

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  • 21st Century Education and Your School’s Parents
  • A Proactive Approach to Parent Education
  • Use Your Parent Education Plan to Shift Parents From a ‘Contract Mentality’ to a ‘Sense of Community’
  • Your Parent Education Plan: Predictability and Support
  • Parent Relations in the Pre-enrollment Period
  • Communicating With Parents About Your Strategic Financial Plan: The Neighborhood Visit Approach
  • New Parents and Giving: Get Off to a Good Start
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