Policies & Procedures for Private-Independent Schools

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Don't leave it to chance—written policies and procedures ensure that your school is on mission and is abiding by the latest laws and minimizing risk. Policies & Procedures for Private-Independent Schools , a collection of relevant articles from ISM's advisory letters, provides the knowledge and the techniques you need to review and update your existing policies and develop new ones in the areas of human resources, privacy, safety, finance, gift acceptance, and more.

The Board Policy Manual

Your Strategic Financial Policy Document: A Sample

Governance and Fiscal Vigilance

Revisit Your Conflict-of-Interest Policy

A Due Diligence Checklist for Boards of Trustees

When Parents Complain—What’s a Board Member to Do?

Review Your School’s Capitalization Policy

Auxiliary Income and Unrelated Business Income Tax

Elements of a Sound Investment Policy

Align Tuition Assistance Policy and Philosophy With Your Goals

A Gift Acceptance Policy Manual: Why You Need One and What It Should Contain

Ethics and School Fraud

Noncustodial Parent Policies

When and How Can You ‘Fire’ a Parent?

Anecdotal Notes vs. Student Permanent Records

Student Discipline, Policies, and Risks

Child Abuse Law and Mandatory Reporting Procedures

Revisit Your School’s Policies Concerning Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual Harassment Policy: Legal Issues and Cultural Benefits

Sexual Orientation, Harassment, and Victimization: Establish a Safe Environment

Addressing Bullying and Sexual Misconduct

The School Safety and Security Committee

Establish a ‘Key’ Policy/Security System

Search and Seizure Policies and Procedures

Random Drug Testing Policies for Students

Review Your School’s Infectious Disease Policy

Nut-Free or Not Nut-Free: That Is the Question

School Head and Board Roles in Shaping an Effective Employee Handbook

Review Your Employee Handbook: Protect Your School and Promote Your Culture

Pre-Employment Screening Essential in Hiring

Social Media and Background Checks

Faculty and Staff Use of Social Media: Sample Policy

Federal Rules Spur Need to Review E-mail and Internet Policies

Predictability, Support, and Protection: Establishing a Corrective Action Policy

Moonlighting: What to Do When Part-Time Jobs Clash With School Culture

What The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Means for Private Schools: Rectifying Past and Present Pay Discrimination

The Fair Labor Standards Act: Getting Overtime Right

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Benefits: Where Can You Draw the Line?

HIPAA and Section125: Are You In Compliance?

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Updates and Reminders for Private-Independent Schools

Maternity Leave and FMLA: The Differences

Paid Leave Banks: Compassionate or Risky?

Conflict-Resolution Policy Emphasizes Employees’ Responsibility

Terminating At-Will or Under Contract: Fairness and Due Process Are What Count

Avoid the Pitfalls When You Must Downsize

Requests for Employee Information: Set Your Policy!

Some Jobs Aren’t Made for Volunteers!

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