The Head Search Process

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Updated 2012!

A compendium of articles from Ideas & Perspectives and To The Point concerning the process of searching for a School Head, and how to handle the transition and its impact in your school.

The Cost of Changing Heads: Stop the Four-Year Cycle

What’s So Bad About Losing the School Head?

Avoiding Unnecessary Head Changes

The Search is On: Identifying and Appointing Your New School Head

Estimating the ‘Cost’ (and Anticipating the ‘Hidden Expenses’) of a Head Search

Head Candidates: Questions to Ask About the Planning Document

Financial Questions the Search Committee Should Ask Head Candidates

Financial Questions the Head Candidate Should Ask During the Interviews

The Case for Hiring an Acting or Interim Head

Should You Appoint a Board Member as Acting Head?

Why There Should be Contracts Between Boards and Heads

How to Design a Reasonable Contract for a Head

Head Contract—ISM Model

School Head Compensation, 2010–11: Using Head Salary as an Effective Retention/Succession Tool

Support and Recognition for the Departing Head

Ease the Transition for the Incoming Head

A Few Words for the Head-Elect

Head Contract Renewal: Is it Wise to Wait Until Fall?

Compensation Negotiations With Your (Excellent) School Head

The Board’s Contract With the School Head: Solidify Expectations, Define Relationships

Strategic Planning, Leadership, and Your Next Head Search

The Head’s Contract: Liquidated Damages

Strategies That Reduce Excessive Head Turnover

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