The Private-Independent School Management Team (e-book)

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What is the role of the Management Team (that group of school administrators who directly report to the School Head)? Of course, everyone has a job description and day-to-day responsibilities, but the Management Team must truly work as a team to support the Head, to support the school, and ultimately to support the students. This collection of articles addresses many of those questions about performance, conversations, the mission, power, service, strategic objectives, planning, meetings, agendas, and the real roles of each member of the Management Team.

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  • The Management Team: Profiled for Success
  • Your Management Team’s Mission Statement
  • The Management Team Retreat: More Than a Golf Game
  • Power and Service: Tension in the Private-Independent School
  • What’s Your Paradigm: Power Leadership or Service Leadership?
  • Balancing Delegation and Operational Accountability
  • Influencing Upward: Advice for the Head’s Direct Reports
  • The Role of the Academic Management Team
  • Generational Differences: The New Management Paradigm
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