• NEW! Tuition and Financial Aid Book

    Tuition and financial aid are not about money.Tuition and financial aid are about mission. How do you use tuition and financial aid to sustain educational excellence over time?

  • Mission-Based Advisory

    Mission-Based Advisory provides a comprehensive, how-to perspective on the professional development of advisors and the strengthening of advisory programs in private-independent schools. This manual will help you develop an advisory program best suited for your particular school.

  • Comprehensive Faculty Development

    Plan this year’s faculty development program with Comprehensive Faculty Development! Implement and sustain effective practices for hiring, evaluating, and developing mission-focused faculty.

  • Perfect for Open House events!

    Our Just For Parents series provides parents with answers to many common questions concerning a private-independent school education. Ask about school-specific customization!

  • In this issue of Ideas & Perspectives

    we discuss annual agenda setting; dealing with hidden inflation; and developing healthy learning environments for students.

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