The primary responsibility of the private-independent school is to make a difference in the lives of the children who attend. You have a mission, but are your governance and operations functioning in the proper manner to deliver that mission?

It's tough to find that out with an insider's eye. That's where we come in.

ISM Consultants work with your school to pinpoint the obstacles to fulfilling your mission, and prescribe the strategies for your success. And ISM knows what works in private-independent schools. Since 1975, working on-site with schools like yours and conducting dynamic research, we have developed strategies that we can put into action for you so that your school will achieve increased cash reserves, higher enrollment levels, and long-term stability.

We can help you in the following ways—and more!

  • Find out how to take your school to the next level with a Strategic Performance Analysis.
  • Map out where your school plans to go next with Strategic Planning/Strategic Financial Planning, Board Workshops and Administrative Retreats.
  • Learn how to structure your development efforts, including annual fund and capital campaigns with our Comprehensive Advancement Services designed specifically for private-independent schools.
  • Analyze your market position, survey your constituents, and improve your publications with our Marketing and Admission services.
  • Provide Comprehensive Faculty Development, as well as Strategic Evaluation for your Board, administrators and staff.
  • Maximize your space and create "time" to ensure your students get the classes they want and need with a Schedule Analysis.
  • Build, enhance, or renew your middle and upper school Advisory Program so that it serves all students in a meaningful, mission-based way through the guidance of professional advisors.
  • Create or reposition your school’s Summer Program to provide a range of benefits—to current and potential families, to faculty, and to your bottom line.
  • Make sure your Management Structure, as well as your Business Office and Development Office operations, are running efficiently with an eye on your mission.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on information generated by our Surveys.

These are just some the highlights—for more information, browse our complete line of Consulting services.

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To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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