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“Can evaluating faculty really help teachers—and students—grow and develop?”

Your teacher's job is to deliver your mission to your students with excellence—and your job as an administrator is to help them do so. But, how? You might have dozens of teachers to look after … to say nothing of parents, community and Board members, and fellow administrators drawing on your time and energy. It is a daunting task—but we’re pleased to announce that ISM’s new Comprehensive Faculty Development (CFD) model and service can help!

The key is seeing all of the school’s interactions with faculty as part of a cohesive system that has at its core your mission, culture, and values. This way, each time you engage with faculty—from their initial hiring, to how they are evaluated, to how you encourage their professional growth—you are coming from a common place (your mission). Working with faculty in this way, you will establish an environment of high predictability (i.e., they know what is important here) and supportiveness (i.e., they know you are working for their success)—the two factors that are directly correlated with student performance, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.

Comprehensive Faculty Development Model

“That’s sounds interesting,” you might say. “But all of my administrators are very busy. How can we do all of those things and still have time to run the school?” That’s where ISM’s CFD consultation comes in!


As a result of working with ISM, you will:

  • Identify teacher characteristics and behaviors that uniquely define the delivery of your mission with excellence
  • Develop a system that continually communicates and reinforces your most important mission-based needs, characteristics, and behaviors—bringing them to life on a daily basis
  • Ensure that you are aware of legal requirements in all areas of hiring, evaluation, and termination—thereby reducing your school’s legal and financial risks in these areas
  • Emerge with a practical, detailed action plan that corresponds to your needs, timelines, and objectives
  • Be on the path to implementing a system that will support your teachers and students for years to come, as they strive for excellence

Who Should Be Trained?

Ordinarily, participants should include the Head of School and his/her academic leadership team (including Division Heads, Department Chairs, and Grade Coordinators)—i.e., any administrator responsible for supervising/evaluating faculty members.

Consultation Format

ISM typically carries out this consultation as three day-long sessions:

  • Day 1—CFD model, evaluation and growth programs
  • Day 2—Hiring, induction, and merit pay programs
  • Day 3—Corrective action and selective retention.

In addition to providing training on each of these elements, the ISM Consultant will work with the school’s administrative team to customize each of the tools and processes involved, to align with, support, and reflect the school’s unique mission, culture, and values.

Each day is ordinarily structured as follows:

  • Morning session: “classroom presentation”-style training
  • Afternoon session: hands-on collaboration between the Consultant and the school to customize the techniques and tools provided

A typical day might be structured as follows:

  • 9 a.m.–12 p.m. Classroom training
  • 12–1 p.m. Lunch break
  • 1–4 p.m. Hands-on session, customizing the models presented in the morning


The core materials provided as part of this consultation include:

  • Training booklet comprised of PowerPoint slides, documents, and exercises covered during the training
  • ISM’s Comprehensive Faculty Development book
  • The work product of our afternoon sessions—i.e., customized versions of hiring, interviewing, evaluation, and professional growth templates
  • Summary report, detailing the key results, insights, and perspectives gained during our three days together

Follow-up Support

The school will have access to the Consultant via e-mail and telephone regarding follow-up questions and implementation guidance for six months following completion of the training.

Learn More

To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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