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We’ve got a new schedule—what do teachers need to succeed?

Longer class periods create expanded opportunities for student-centered learning—but only if teachers know how to make the most of their options!

You’ve put time and effort into creating a new schedule. The last thing you want is a “more-of-the-same” outcome. That’s why ISM’s two-day workshop on Engaging Students in an Extended Period was designed.

What We Do

Our approach includes faculty training, but stretches beyond that to create an in-house team of teacher mentors. These peer leaders will provide ongoing development and support, building teachers’ confidence, enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment.

On the first day, a small group of teacher leaders and one or two administrators meet with ISM Director of Survey Research and Consultant Barbara Beachley to learn about, discuss, and share a variety of strategies and resources. A panel of approximately 10 students also joins this group briefly to share candid opinions on topics related to teaching.

The teacher leaders then plan workshops for the rest of the faculty, which are conducted on the second day. After those sessions are held, the teacher leader group, guided by the Consultant, debriefs and creates an action plan for continued internal professional growth for the upcoming year.

Benefits To You

The Engaging Students in an Extended Period workshop:

  • Provides training in a variety of strategies for planning an engaging, student-centered class
  • Customizes the content and approach to your school’s specific needs
  • Involves administrators, faculty, and students in the process
  • Focuses on teacher collaboration to share ideas and best practices
  • Honors teachers’ preference to learn from peers
  • Deals with apprehension related to change
  • Results in a plan for continued growth

Learn More

To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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