"How do I drive enrollment demand at my school?"

Marketing communications is the aggregate of all of those things you do in private schools to recruit and re-recruit mission-appropriate students and to inspire families to give and get involved. This includes: internal marketing, external marketing, constituent relations, and advertising.

What We Do

An ISM Marketing for Admission consultation service provides you with a thorough analysis of what drives enrollment demand in your school, then coaches you toward a practical, workable marketing communication plan to help you reach your recruitment and re-recruitment goals. Our data-driven approach pinpoints what attracts families to you and inspires them to stay. If your enrollment is declining, we lead you through a root cause analysis and offer customized solutions.

The analysis reveals exceptional stories of student learning and engagement, which become the difference-makers you emphasize to distinguish your school from your competitors. If there is a disconnect between what you promise your families and what they actually experience at your school, this analysis will reveal those discrepancies and offer concrete recommendations for improvement. We will coach your entire faculty and administrative team to embrace their role as front-line marketers for your school.


  • Assess the school’s printed and digital marketing communications materials, including the school’s website, to capitalize on marketing messages specifically for admission
  • Conduct an evaluation of the school’s market demographic—to assess the availability of a pool of families likely to be interested in, and able to afford, a private-independent school education
  • Evaluate the School Culture via a suite of ISM research-based surveys and on site interviews with various constituents


  • Facilitate the development of a suite of marketing messages that tie mission to characteristics of student and faculty excellence (ISM Purpose & Outcome Statements)
  • Create an enrollment management calendar and plan that both articulates a timeline for the admission and financial aid processes, and formalizes strategies to re-recruit current families
  • Develop a marketing communications plan that integrates the messaging needs of admission and development


  • Lead a data-driven discussion to enrich the faculty’s and administration’s understanding of the student and faculty experience
  • Provide an oral presentation and written report of findings with recommendations
  • Coach and empower faculty as the front line of mission delivery

Benefit to You

The findings of the Marketing for Admission service prepare you to leverage those aspects of your school's experience that drive enrollment demand. This process results in a cohesive set of messages in service of the whole school. When those messages accurately and consistently reflect the way your students and their families experience your school, they become your most effective marketing assets.

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To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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