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“How do we set up a fundraising plan that boosts our bottom line?”

You want to raise more money through your school’s annual fund campaign—period. That takes planning.

Your Strategic Annual Fund Plan is your road map to fundraising success, but it has to be more than a tactical calendar, a list of “things to do.” You need to take a truly strategic approach—one based on knowing your various constituencies and creating targeted, personalized strategies designed to excite and involve them, individually and collectively.

Your annual fund is the place to focus. It plays a central role in your fundraising efforts, and its impact goes beyond dollars. A well-conducted annual campaign achieves your ultimate goals—to strengthen relationships, to create a culture of giving, and to build a foundation for major gifts.

What We Do

This 2.5-day consultation is customized to your school, whether you’re just getting started with annual giving, re-energizing a stalled campaign, or interested in taking your current effort to the next level.

Your ISM Consultant comes prepared, having gathered data on your school’s fundraising strengths and challenges through the ISM Development Assessment Survey and written narratives from key school leaders.

During the on-site work, your Consultant provides guidance and expertise as your team develops constituent-based strategies for the next 12 months. Your plan also integrates these items into your school’s calendar of admission, marketing communications, and schoolwide events and activities.

Participants in this process include your school’s full development staff and its leaders in admission, marketing communications, and finance. The School Head, Board President, and Development Committee Chair meet with the team as needed.

Benefit to You

With its Strategic Annual Fund Plan in hand, your team is ready to move forward with confidence, applying the individualized strategies that dramatically boost your school’s bottom line and strengthen relationships. Development leaders can continue to build on this structure year after year, as they refine strategies and build your school’s fundraising capacity.

Learn More

To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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