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Strategic Planning/Strategic Financial Planning: FAQ

Who should participate in an ISM Strategic Planning Retreat?

A strategic plan is a Board/Head-generated document, so all Board members and the Head should be attendance for the initial session(s) and the final meeting. If the Head desires, members of the Management Team may attend as well.

What happens during the consultation?

The consultation includes two phases carried out over three to four days. During phase one, which is usually on a Friday evening and Saturday morning (or all day Saturday), our Consultant sets the framework with the Board in a discussion of the ISM Stability MarkersTM, survey data, benchmarks, financial principles, and organizational best practices, based on four decades of ISM research and theory. That session ends with brainstorming and prioritization of the planning items that will generate the “ideal school” six years in the future.

During phase two, which requires two days, the Consultant:

  • Writes the first draft of the strategic plan
  • Brings it back to a small leadership group for review
  • Based on the group’s input, makes revisions to the plan and incorporates the financial plan
  • Brings the second draft back to the Head and full Board for final review
  • Submits the final version of the plan electronically

The Consultant remains available for three months of follow-up advice and counsel.

How do I schedule a Strategic Planning Retreat?

E-mail Helen Foster, ISM's Consulting Coordinator, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

Our Consultants’ calendars fill quickly several months in advance. So please call as early as possible to schedule a retreat, particularly if you have a specific date in mind.

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To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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