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Strategic Planning vs Long Range Planning

How ISM Makes the Distinction

In contrast to strategic planning, which primarily involves the Board and Head, ISM's approach to long range planning documents is constituency-based. And unlike strategic planning, long range planning documents do cover curriculum and student programs in detail. The long range plan involves large numbers of individuals in the formulation process (often 60-100 people), and takes months to complete.

The strategic plan has the advantages of ease of construction, ease of application, and clear focus on viability issues. The long range plan has the advantages of broad community involvement and breadth of ownership, coupled with comprehensiveness and an attention to student programs that the strategic plan lacks.

The strategic plan often displays the boldness that is associated with a document driven by several highly motivated individuals, most of whom have "clout" throughout the school community and beyond. While often less bold, the long range plan can also generate a political endorsement of change. In some situations, this endorsement is difficult to obtain by any other method.

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