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"How can we take our school to the next level?"

You never have resources to waste, and the current economy only increases the pressure. Your goal is to get your school running like a finely tuned engine. An ISM Strategic Performance Analysis identifies where your school is hitting on all cylinders, where it's "missing," and how to make adjustments to get it operating smoothly.

Why Strategic Performance Analysis Works

It can be tough to "troubleshoot" from an insider's perspective—you're just too close to the action. Count on ISM for an experienced third-party "eye" and an emphasis on (a) identifying and building on your school's strengths and (b) establishing benchmarks for improvements in areas where you are not meeting your goals.

And you won't have to wait months, weeks, or even days for the results. You receive both an oral presentation and a written report before the Consultant leaves your school.

For more details on the process: Strategic Performance Analysis: Frequently Asked Questions

What We Assess

We've been conducting Strategic Performance Analysis longer than anyone in the field. ISM brings more than 30 years of experience to this process, including more than 2,000 on-site consultations with school.

We know where to look, so in three intensive days, we can conduct an in-depth analysis of:

  • School mission
  • Management structure
  • Board and Trustee characteristics
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Staff evaluation
  • Budget and finances
  • Tuition, scholarships, financial aid
  • Fund-raising programs
  • Plant and facilities

Then we map out solutions and strategies to meet your goals—immediate, short- and long-term. Benchmarks are provided so you can judge your school's progress.

The whole Strategic Performance Analysis process was a shot in the arm for us. Everyone's energy was low, and the economy was wearing us down. We are now more aware of how good our school really is, and we have a much better appreciation of our product.

“This service gave a strong sense of hope for where our school is going, and it calmed a lot of fears. And, despite the economic crisis Michigan is facing, our enrollment is ahead of last year.

Fr. Leon Olszamowski, Head of School
Notre Dame Preparatory School/Marist Academy, MI

Learn More

To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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