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    We will work with your school to facilitate current Strategic Financial Plan goal progression, while planning for future development campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment.

While your Strategic Plan/Strategic Financial Plan is the roadmap to your school's sustainability, your operations keep the wheels in motion. Keeping your business and finance functions running smoothly and efficiently will maximize your strides toward fulfilling your school's mission.

ISM offers a full range of planning facilitation and operations assessments that will put your school on a solid footing. Our Consultants work with your Board on strategic planning, and examine how your key financial operations are working well and where they can use improvement.

ISM Consultants can provide the following services:

Back when we were reading the different consultant proposals before we decided to sign up with ISM, I decided that ISM looked to be the one that would bring the most to the table, to be able to tell us based on research and experience what we should do. That notion came back to me early in our session because that’s exactly how it turned out, and it exceeded my expectations.

ISM brought more valuable information and guidance to the table than any consultant with whom I’ve worked before. I was amazed at how efficiently they were able to put it all together and put it in an effective and step-by-step format, with enough specifics to make the choices clear but also with enough flexibility that we have choices and can adapt as we go. Before we began I had no idea how we could come up with something good in such a short time. I was anxious about it. But I think that where we landed it is just great and will serve our school very well. ISM was a pleasure to work with in every way. Thanks again, and I hope our paths get to cross in the future.

Greg VanSlambrook, Principal
Brebeuf Jesuit College Prep, IN

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To learn more about how our Consulting Services can serve your school, e-mail Helen Foster, Consulting Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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