A Successful Summer Program—Key Relationships

Status: RECORDED on SEP 17, 2014

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Your summer program fulfills a number of purposes but not everyone in the school understands and appreciates either its sophistication or its importance.

In this Webinar, we'll review the major reasons for having a summer program, and then identify key relationships that the Summer Program Director must have to ensure optimal excellence. While you are the CEO of your program, you don’t have the power that a CEO usually has. How do you negotiate for what you need and ensure that your colleagues support you to success? This Webinar helps answer that question.

We'll cover these topics:

  • Reasons for a summer program
  • Relationships where you have to manage upwards
  • Relationships where you have to manage sideways
  • Relationships where you have to manage down
  • Having the title but not the power or having the power and knowing what to do with it
  • How this translates into professional satisfaction and programmatic success

Run Time: 60 minutes; 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.

staff photo simon jeynes

Simon M. Jeynes, IAP-L

ISM Senior Consultant

Simon Jeynes has been with ISM since 2003 after a 26-year career in independent education as a teacher and administrator, with 10 years as a Head of School. He has worked in residential, day, single-sex, coed, 7–12 and K–12 schools. He is a Senior Consultant and:

  • Is a lead writer for ISM's advisory letter Ideas & Perspectives
  • Delivers/facilitates workshops on academic and strategic leadership, management, governance, scheduling, development, and 21st Century Schools
  • Is an author/editor of ISM publications, including the Strategic Board Series
  • Consults in faculty culture, faculty evaluation, faculty and marketing, Board development, strategic planning and strategic financial planning, scheduling and space analysis, strategic academic planning and leadership training
  • Leads leadership and Board retreats, and coaches school leaders; leads the annual Heads Retreat
  • Co-convenes the ISM Advancement Academy (admission and enrollment management, marketing communications, and development)
  • Keynotes and speaks at educational conferences including PNAIS, ERB, VAIS, AMS,CASE (2010 Stellar Speaker), ISAS, NJAIS, ACSI, CAIS, AISNE, NCAIS,ASB Un-Plugged, SAES, FCIS, CSI, Laptop Institute, CBOA
  • Has partnered on-site with 143 schools in five countries, more than once with more than 53% of them

Simon earned his MA from the University of Oxford (School of Modern History), his BEd (Hons.) from the University of Lethbridge, and his MEd (Educational Leadership) from Concordia University. He has earned the Leader (IAP-L) designation through ISM's International Advancement Certification Program. As a believer in life-long learning, he:

  • has taken graduate and other courses from Prairie Bible Institute, Athabasca University, and the University of Western Ontario
  • attended the Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC, and is certified to carry out/coach 360° Assessments; participated in the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School; took training in De Bono Six Hats/Creative Thinking, Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations, Kiersey’s Temperament Sorter, CEFPI World Congress and ongoing CEFPI webinars; attends Scheduling workshops
  • leads, facilitates, and participates in regular internal ISM professional development seminars

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