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January 24, 2018 • 3 PM ET

By now you’ve all heard numerous accounts of the benefits private schools are experiencing from shifting their annual re-enrollment process to a continuous enrollment platform. In fact, ISM has yet to hear a single negative outcome from schools who have already made the shift. Since obtaining an accurate (and early) count on next year’s enrollment numbers is mission critical in the quest to recruit top teacher talent and mission-appropriate students—and continuous enrollment is the most effective way to achieve it—why wouldn’t you make the shift?

Join us to learn how to make the shift; who should be involved in executing the shift; and how to communicate a strong “why” that your parents will understand and value.

This Webinar will provide:

  • Answers to key logistical questions
  • Reassurance that perceived issues/obstacles are largely baseless fears
  • Strategies for communicating the change to parents based on a rationale they will appreciate
  • Sample enrollment agreements and sample messaging for parents (from your esteemed private school admission colleagues in the field)


  • Educating parents about the benefits of a continuous enrollment process
  • Understanding the human resources economy of continuous enrollment
  • Communicating (and streaming) instructions via multiple channels (and why)e
  • Tracking and reporting your re-enrollment outcomes to validate the decision

Run Time:
Total run time is 60 minutes. The presentation will run approximately 45 minutes with15 minutes designated for Q&A.

Who Should Attend:

This Webinar is appropriate for experienced and new Admission Directors, Marketing Communications Directors, Advancement Directors, Heads of School, and Business Managers/CFOs.

staff photo amy riley

Amy P. Riley, IAP-S

ISM Consultant


As an ISM expert in private-independent school advancement, Amy Riley is passionate about helping administrators hone and improve their efforts. She provides expertise in the areas of admission, enrollment management, marketing/communications, constituent relations, customer service, and faculty culture.

Current Role

As an ISM Consultant, Amy:

  • Offers consulting services across the globe, working directly with school administrators in the areas of admission, enrollment management, marketing and communications, constituent relations, customer service, and faculty culture
  • Hosts multiple advancement-focused workshops and webinars each year
  • Shares her insight and knowledge in ISM’s flagship publication, Ideas & Perspectives

Amy has also has led workshops for national education conferences, including CASE-NAIS, FCIS, NCAIS, AMS, ACIS, EMA, and AISGW.

She holds the Senior Certification through ISM’s International Advancement Program (IAP−S).

Prior Experience

Amy previously served as the Academic Dean for ISM’s International Advancement Certification Program (IACP). She has served educational institutions for more than 14 years. She spent five years at The Heritage School, GA, a private-independent PK−12 school, working in all aspects of advancement—admission, marketing and communications, and development. Previously, she served as an educator at the public secondary and postsecondary levels.


Amy holds a number of K–12 education credentials. She has an educational leadership and secondary English education certification, with gifted education endorsement and is an American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) High School Journalism Institute Fellow.

Amy earned an Ed.S. in educational leadership, a master’s degree in English, and grades 6–12 teaching certification from the University of West Georgia, GA. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Auburn University, AL.

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