Developing Your School's Characteristics of Professional Excellence


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Mission focused schools know who they are, the promises they are making, and the attitudes and behaviors they need from their faculty in order to deliver on those promises. Evaluation of your faculty is a very context specific exercise that requires conversation and reflection between your academic leaders and within your faculty culture.

Come join ISM Consultant Bill Simmer as we explore the power and process of developing your schools Characteristics of Professional Excellence, which is essential to the success of each stage of your schools evaluation process.

You’ll cover these topics and more:

  • Brief overview of the ISM research studies that both revealed and confirmed the correlations between predictability, supportiveness, and student performance, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.
  • The correlation between a healthy, growth-oriented faculty culture and long-term sustainability of excellence in private-independent schools.
  • ISM’s list of Characteristics of Professional Excellence derived from our research.
  • Why it’s vital that your school develop a list unique to it’s mission and NOT just "cut and paste" ISM's list of Characteristics.
  • Establishing a characteristics design team
  • The role and function of your characteristics design team.

Run Time: 60 minutes; 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.

staff photo bill simmer

Bill Simmer

ISM Consultant and Director of Association Relations

Bill has been with ISM (Independent School Management) for 13 years and acts as ISM’s chief liaison with our over 40 state, regional, national, and international association partners. Bill has taught and worked as an administrator in a host of roles within both secondary and post-secondary schools. In all of “his spare time” he acts as a consultant, a workshop developer/leader, and writer. He has lead over 180 association workshops on a host of topics around the country.

Bill works in the areas of school governance, Head of School, academic, and general leadership development, faculty culture/evaluation/performance, external and internal marketing, parent relations, and advisory programs. His life mission is to “empower school leaders to enhance the student experience in ways that transform children’s lives, and empower the coming generation to change the world for good.”

Bill earned his MA from International College and Graduate School (HI), a MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (NC), and a BS from Liberty University (VA).

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