Paradox of Homework

Status: RECORDED on SEP 21, 2011

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Homework is as much a part of American schools as desks, classrooms and textbooks. The debate over what homework should and shouldn’t be is as old as the concept itself. This hour-long Webinar is designed for teachers and administrators who want to start thinking about the practice of assigning homework within their schools.

We will look at where we have been and where we are in the practice of assigning homework, looking at it from the points of view of teachers, students and parents. We will address the variety of research on the subject and provide points to ponder as teachers think about homework for their classrooms or as administrators consider homework policies for schools and divisions.

You'll cover these topics and more:

  • Homework: A Traditional View?
  • Homework as an Extension of the School Day
  • How can you tailor your case to your different constituencies?
  • Homework at Different Grade Levels
  • The Parent Trap
  • Points to Consider
  • Creating Homework Policies

Run Time:
Total run time is 60 minutes, which includes the presentation and Q&A.

staff photo rick ceresini

Rick Ceresini

ISM Associate Scheduling Consultant

Rick joined ISM in the fall of 2007 after retiring from 30 years as a public school teacher, program facilitator, and scheduler. Having taught on an extended-period schedule for more than 12 years, he has a wealth of experience planning for extended periods and facilitating staff workshops on successful techniques and best practices.

During his career, Rick taught grades 2 though 8 and 10 through 12, with the majority of his experience in middle school. He has led school improvement initiatives, and presented at national conferences on creating and transitioning to innovative schedules.

Rick has worked with several schools across the U.S. and Canada in on-site consultations, schedule designs and workshops. In his role with ISM, Rick helps schools process their schedules, after analyzing and designing master schedules, and trains faculty and schedulers in our new Engaging Students in an Extended Period workshop.

Rick holds a master's degree in Gifted Education from Wilmington University (DE), and a B.S. from Shippensburg State College (PA).

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