Part 1 Sustainability—How Does Your School Score?

Status: RECORDED on OCT 15, 2014

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In the first of this three-part Webinar series, we’ll tackle the rumors swirling about financial sustainability in private-independent schools and why they have little to no impact on your pricing model. Come discuss inflation, Baumol’s Cost Disease, and tuition increases—not decreases!—with other school administrators searching for solutions to their economic worries.

You’ll Cover These Topics:

  • Discuss how tuition increases have outpaced inflation for years—and how many school leaders believe this is not “sustainable.”
  • Discover Baumol’s Cost Disease and why inflation isn’t your enemy.
  • Learn about “true inflation” to plan and understand your school’s necessary cost increases.
  • Examine different types of business units to better understand your unique market position as a private school.

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School sustainability seems to be the buzzword of late, with some claiming that traditional model of charging the full cost of a child’s education will doom a school to closure. In order for a school to be sustainable in the long-term, some say, the traditional models must be adjusted.

At ISM, we believe it is a private school’s perceived programmatic value that has the most impact on a family’s educational decisions, not its “sticker price.” Join ISM Executive Consultant Terry Moore in this three-part Webinar series as we discuss common misconceptions of school sustainability, how financial aid distribution impacts your mission goals, and how your school can lay the foundation for long-term viability in a changing market.

Run time: 60 minutes total. Webinars typically run 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A time.

This Webinar is for all school leaders, particularly Heads of School, Division Heads, Development Directors, Directors of Admission, and Directors of Marketing and Communications.

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Terry L. Moore, BCP-E

ISM Consultant | Head of Finance, Operations, and Advancement at St. Mary's School


Terry shares his expertise with private-independent schools in strategic planning and strategic financial planning, strategic performance analysis, effective school operation, fundraising, faculty evaluation and compensation, and financial aid.

Current Role

Terry joined the ISM Consulting team in 2002, and worked as a full-time Consultant until 2016. He currently consults part time while serving as Head of Finance, Operations and Advancement at St. Mary's School of Aliso Viejo, CA.

Terry has supported more than 200 schools on-site since 2002 through ISM, many multiple times. He also:

  • Leads the annual ISM Business and Operations Academy, which he founded
  • Writes for ISM’s publications, including Ideas & Perspectives
  • Created the ISM FAST program (ISM’s cutting-edge financial aid tool)
  • Speaks at various conferences including NBOA, NYSAIS, CAIS, FISBO, and AISNE
  • Leads ISM workshops and webinars

Prior Experience

Prior to joining ISM, Terry served as the Director of Administrative Services at Trinity Academy, Raleigh, NC. Terry brings 20 years of independent school Board and business operations experience to ISM. With professional expertise in budgeting, marketing, fundraising, and fiscal oversight, Terry’s business knowledge, independent school experience, and professional manner is well suited to the special niche that schools occupy.

He participated with the implementation of a start-up school, including serving as a Board member, Board officer, and supporter to those occupying both Board and administrative leadership roles.


Terry earned a BS degree from East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, and has done graduate work at Regis University, Denver, CO.

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