Bullying in the 21st Century - Part Three

Status: RECORDED on FEB 16, 2011

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This is a three-part Webinar series. It is strongly recommended that these sessions be taken sequentially.

Part Three: Against Bullying—Creating Healthy School Environments

You’ll cover these topics and more:

  • The problem is not only that it’s against the law!
  • Creating a safe environment for all
  • Education and enlightenment
  • Looking at your school’s core values and the spoken and unspoken values of your community
  • Moving towards civility and respect
  • Educators against bullying—in-service training
  • Parents against bullying—partnering in educating parents
  • Students against bullying—effectiveness of peer programs

Run time: Total run time is 60 minutes.

Is there anything a parent worries about more than their child’s safety? Is there anything more important to your school than the safety of your students?

Although bullying is not new, it has become a hot topic in the news, on teacher blogs, and across listservs, as disastrous consequences have forced us all to pay attention. Educators struggle to find ways to create healthy communities where bullying doesn’t happen. It has become more complicated as the means and opportunities have increased with increased technology and the opportunity for covert online bullying. The consequences of student suicide has resulted in changing laws and policies, which keep this subject on the top of people’s minds—especially administrators and school faculty and staff.

This Webinar series is designed to walk you through this complex subject matter covering areas such as the profile of a victim, the many faces of a bully, technology’s ever-changing role, laws and policies, how to create a safe environment, peer programs against bullying, educating parents, and much more.

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Elinor S. Griffin

Ellie is the former Director of Health and Counseling Services at Milton Academy (MA) where she has taught Developmental Psychology, Psychology AP, and Social Sciences. She engages in both individual and group counseling with students and has worked on program development, including Human Sexuality and Relationships, Drug and Alcohol Education, Crisis Management, Stress, and areas of Human Development. 

She is a co-founder and co-director of the Human Development Institute and, since 1979, has consulted with schools and developed summer conferences on human development issues for educators. She has also served on the staff of Milton Academy’s summer Boarding Conference for the past 23 years. In 2011, Ellie was awarded The Ruzicka Compass Award for Excellence in Leadership by The Association of Boarding Schools. 

Ellie co-leads Balance Your Contrasting Roles as Dean of Students and Power and Influence: The Effective Female Leader with Susan Hazell.

She served both on the committee and as chair of the Council for Women in Independent School for NAIS, and is co-founder and co-director of the Independent School Gender Project which has been addressing issues of equity for girls and women in a number of independent schools since 1997.

Over the past 27 years, Ellie has counseled adolescents, led workshops, and provided consulting services to independent school administrators and faculty. She earned her masters in counseling psychology at Lesley College and her BA at Gordon College, both in Massachusetts.

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