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Are you tired of going through the motions of traditional teacher evaluation, knowing that your efforts are doing little to actually improve teacher performance in meaningful ways? Do you wish someone could show you a better way to evaluate teachers—a way that actually spurs the teacher’s growth and development? If so, this Webinar is for you!

ISM recently introduced a new method for evaluating faculty that is gaining great notice in the private-school world … and we’d love to share all the details with you! We don’t believe that you can adequately assess teacher performance by once-a-year “observations,” examining test scores, or by other similar measures. We do believe that you can assess whether or not the teacher is engaging in behaviors and using techniques that are likely to result in greater student performance, satisfaction, and enthusiasm, the bedrock of your school’s ongoing success and sustainability. This Webinar covers ISM’s recommended approach to teacher evaluation.

You'll cover these topics and more:

  • The 4 steps of ISM’s Evaluation and Growth Cycle
  • ISM’s general faculty evaluation template
  • Core Element: Using Basic Expectations and Characteristics of Excellence for evaluation purposes
  • What Do I Write About? Using Comments and Examples Effectively
  • What are the key elements that make up the structure and format of your letter?
  • Related issues: performance ratings, the role of self-evaluation, and how evaluation can launch professional development

This Webinar is designed for Human Resource Managers, Heads, and Business Managers.

staff photo terry moore

Terry L. Moore, BCP-E

ISM Consultant | Head of Finance, Operations, and Advancement at St. Mary's School


Terry shares his expertise with private-independent schools in strategic planning and strategic financial planning, strategic performance analysis, effective school operation, fundraising, faculty evaluation and compensation, and financial aid.

Current Role

Terry joined the ISM Consulting team in 2002, and worked as a full-time Consultant until 2016. He currently consults part time while serving as Head of Finance, Operations and Advancement at St. Mary's School of Aliso Viejo, CA.

Terry has supported more than 200 schools on-site since 2002 through ISM, many multiple times. He also:

  • Leads the annual ISM Business and Operations Academy, which he founded
  • Writes for ISM’s publications, including Ideas & Perspectives
  • Created the ISM FAST program (ISM’s cutting-edge financial aid tool)
  • Speaks at various conferences including NBOA, NYSAIS, CAIS, FISBO, and AISNE
  • Leads ISM workshops and webinars

Prior Experience

Prior to joining ISM, Terry served as the Director of Administrative Services at Trinity Academy, Raleigh, NC. Terry brings 20 years of independent school Board and business operations experience to ISM. With professional expertise in budgeting, marketing, fundraising, and fiscal oversight, Terry’s business knowledge, independent school experience, and professional manner is well suited to the special niche that schools occupy.

He participated with the implementation of a start-up school, including serving as a Board member, Board officer, and supporter to those occupying both Board and administrative leadership roles.


Terry earned a BS degree from East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, and has done graduate work at Regis University, Denver, CO.

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