Stop Chasing Re-Enrollment Contracts: Shift to Continuous Enrollment



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March 1, 2017 • 3 PM ET

Obtaining an accurate (and early) count on next year’s enrollment numbers is mission critical in the quest to recruit top teacher talent and mission-appropriate students. When parents “sit on” their re-enrollment contracts, knowing you’re not full with waiting pools, they are undermining the school’s efforts in both arenas. Learn how to turn the culture of late re-enrollment contract return by: (1) seeking to understand what’s behind it; (2) committing to addressing the reasons for parents’ reticence to re-enroll (to explore this topic in depth, sign up for ISM’s three-day “Mastering Enrollment Management” Summer Institute Workshop); then (3) layering in a continuous enrollment strategy to take the “guesswork” out of your re-enrollment operation one and for all.


This Webinar will explore a range of possible reasons parents are “sitting on” their re-enrollment contracts to help you identify the root cause(s):

(1) parents may not understand the value of mission-focused enrollment management;
(2) parents may not understand what you need them to do—or how to do it
(3) you may not be meeting their needs (thus challenging their desire to re-enroll)
(4) you may be an enabler

Once you’re confident you know why it’s happening (or not, as the case may be), and an appropriate means for addressing identified “causes” through a systematic and data-driven approach, turn your focus to a continuous enrollment strategy to create a vector of timely re-enrollment moving forward.


  • Educating parents about the benefits of a continuous enrollment process
  • Understanding the human resources economy of continuous enrollment
  • Communicating (and streaming) instructions via multiple channels (and why)
  • Track and report your re-enrollment outcomes to validate the decision

Run Time:
Total run time is 60 minutes. The presentation will run approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes designated for Q&A.

Who Should Attend:
Admission Directors, Marketing Communications Directors, Advancement Directors, Heads of School, and Division Heads/Principals will benefit from this session.

staff photo amy riley

Amy P. Riley, Ed.S., IAP-L

ISM Consultant | Director of Online Learning


Amy Riley has been a member of the ISM team since 2011, when she joined the faculty of ISM’s Advancement Academy. In 2013, she joined ISM as a full-time Consultant. She served as Academic Dean of ISM’s International Advancement Certification Program from 2014–2017 and holds Leader (IAP–L) level certification in the program. In 2018, Amy became the Director of ISM’s Online Learning program.

Current Role

Amy's responsibilities at ISM continue to focus on the advancement sector and include:

  • ongoing coaching in the areas of admission, enrollment management, marketing communications, constituent relations, customer/client service, and school culture;
  • writing for ISM’s advisory letter Ideas & Perspectives, distributed to school leaders in almost 1,000 schools;
  • leading marketing and enrollment management workshops and webinars; and
  • offering ISM content, quick tips, and tools via LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Prior Experience

Amy has served educational institutions for more than 15 years. She spent five years at The Heritage School, GA, a private-independent PK4–12 school, working in all aspects of advancement—admission, marketing communications, and development. Previously, she served as an educator at the public secondary and post-secondary levels.

Amy has led workshops on behalf of CASE-NAIS, FCIS, NCAIS, AMS, ACIS, EMA, and AISGW.

She holds a number of K-12 education credentials:

  • Educational leadership and secondary English education certification, with gifted education endorsement
  • American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) High School Journalism Institute Fellow


Amy earned an Ed.S in educational leadership, a master’s degree in English, and grades 6-12 teaching certification at the University of West Georgia. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Auburn University, AL.

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