The Art and Science of Systematic Bragging: The Fundamentals of Effective Parent Relations and Education

Status: RECORDED on MAR 16, 2016
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3-4 pm ET

Most private-independent schools report that over 80% of new families come to the school in some way based on a relationship with an existing parent. The conversations in the grocery store aisle and poolside are ultimately more crucial to your school’s enrollment demand than the most polished publication, the most edgy Web site, or the cleverest ad.

It is ISM’s experience with thousands of schools over 35 years that most private-independent schools do not have an effective or systematic Parent Relations and Education Program (PREP) in place. Those that do, rarely have enrollment struggles.

In this Webinar, discover the foundational elements that can help you psychologically bond families to your school in ways that make them want to spread the word.

You'll Cover These Topics:

  • Foundational principles of psychological reinforcement as it relates to private-independent schools
  • The core role of your faculty culture in parent relations
  • Basic principles of an effective PREP (Parent Retention and Education Program)

Run time: 60 minutes; 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is NOT just for admission and advancement people. Indeed, understanding and effective PREP includes understanding the central role of ACADEMIC administrators as well. This workshop is helpful for all school administrators and board members. Teams are encouraged to attend together in order to reflect cross departmentally on the topics discussed.

staff photo bill simmer

Bill Simmer

ISM Consultant and Director of Association Relations

Bill has been with ISM (Independent School Management) for 13 years and acts as ISM’s chief liaison with our over 40 state, regional, national, and international association partners. Bill has taught and worked as an administrator in a host of roles within both secondary and post-secondary schools. In all of “his spare time” he acts as a consultant, a workshop developer/leader, and writer. He has lead over 180 association workshops on a host of topics around the country.

Bill works in the areas of school governance, Head of School, academic, and general leadership development, faculty culture/evaluation/performance, external and internal marketing, parent relations, and advisory programs. His life mission is to “empower school leaders to enhance the student experience in ways that transform children’s lives, and empower the coming generation to change the world for good.”

Bill earned his MA from International College and Graduate School (HI), a MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (NC), and a BS from Liberty University (VA).

If several of us at the school want to attend the Webinar, do we each have to register and pay?

If two or more people at your school want to attend the Webinar in the same location (for example, in a conference room with one monitor) then you only need to register and pay for one person who will receive the email and link. If you have people in remote locations, each person will need to register and pay separately. Essentially, a registration and payment gives you one link to the Webinar.

Will I receive a reminder about the Webinar I’ve just purchased?

Yes. A message will be sent to the e-mail address you registered one or two days before the run date. You will receive a link to the Webinar Website as well as PDF slides of the presentation you will be attending.

What happens if I miss my Webinar? Will the fee be refunded?

If you’ve missed your scheduled Webinar, don’t panic—you will automatically receive a link to the recorded Webinar, barring any technical difficulties that prevent us from recording the session.

Will I receive the recorded version of the Webinar I just attended?

You will receive a personalized link to the recorded version which is included with the live Webinar pricing. You may watch this as many times as you need; however, you will not be able to share this link. If you would like to share the recorded version, you will need to purchase a download. Check the archived Webinar library about two weeks after your live Webinar.

What if I have questions about the presentation? Whom do I contact?

During the Webinar, you will be able to type questions, thoughts, and concerns in the communication box. Each Webinar allows 15-minutes for answering these.

I've purchased a Webinar from the e-Learning Recorded Library but have not been emailed the file.

When you purchased your webinar from the Recorded Library, you were forced to create an account with our shopping court. This makes it possible to track your purchases and also to download electronic products (pre-recorded webinars, collections, or ebooks). You access all of your electronic products by logging in and clicking on Account>Downloads.

What is the difference between single-topic Webinars, Webinar clusters, and Webinar courses?

Single-topic Webinars: These are basic, 60-minute Webinars (typically 45 minutes long with a 15 minute Q&A session), covering various timely concerns and/or situations. Our calendar is updated monthly, and sometimes weekly, as these sessions are designed to tackle a current need within the private-independent school world.

Webinar clusters: These are Webinar sessions covering one topic, but divided into multiple sessions over several days so that the topic can be explored in more detail without overwhelming the attendees. They are designed both for timely topics, such as an update on recent federal laws, and for more general concerns, such as designing your employee medical package to meet both your budget goals and your school’s unique culture.

Webinar courses: These Webinars are designed to function as an ISM workshop but are done remotely. Since they are remote you will not need to travel and incur additional expenses due to that travel. Webinar courses are broken into smaller segments than typical on-site workshops so you won't need to sit in front of your computer for days on end. In fact, Webinar courses can extend over months giving you time to work on projects that a workshop leader may require.

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