I&P for iPad

I&P for iPad!

Great news, Gold and Silver members—I&P is now ready for your smart device!

We’re very excited about offering our membership I&P the ePub— a new, convenient way to access our research-driven publication.

Why I&P for iPad?

“I already receive I&P in print, why should I download the ePub to my smart device?”

Great question! The answer is simple. By downloading I&P to your iPad you will have the I&P library with you where ever you go. There’s no need for an Internet connection or to rifle through your drawers or bookshelves looking for an issue. It’s right there on your iPad!

What's a QR code?

More and more you are seeing those little boxes with a mesh of rectangles in them in ads, on posters, on buildings, and even on tee shirts. They are Quick Response, or QR codes, that direct you to some specific information—part of a company's Web site, Web form, or video—when you scan the code with your smart device. Now, every issue of I&P has a QR code that you can scan to bring I&P to your iPad, iPhone, or other *smart device.

See "How do I get started" section below.

*Smart devices include iPad®, and select Android™ tablets. The I&P ePub will work for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and select Android™ tablets but will require you to download additional QR Code software. For iPhone® and iPod Touch® users, you can read the downloaded epub via Apple's free iBooks®. Aldiko Book Reader is available for Android™ tablets and is free.

Ideas & Perspectives for iPad QR Code instructions

Ideas & Perspectives for iPad QR Code instructions Part 2

This sounds great! How do I get started?

To access I&P on your iPad you will need two pieces of software. Both are available free on Apple's App store accessible directly from your iPad. You will first need to download a QR code scanner app and scan the QR code printed on the back of each print copy of I&P. You will also need iBooks. iBooks is included with any new iPad as the default ePub reader and should not need to be downloaded. It is however available in the App Store just in case you've accidentally deleted it. Once you are sure you have both of these pieces of software the rest is a piece of cake.

  1. Find the QR code located on the back of each issue of I&P.
  2. Open your QR code software and scan the QR code.
  3. The I&P will automatically download.

The QR code software will prompt you to open the file in iBooks. You will select open in iBooks and the file will be downloaded and automatically added to your iBooks application. It's that easy!

You will be required to have an internet connection to download I&P for iPad.

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