Better Boards, Better Schools

Better Boards, Better Schools
Better Boards, Better Schools

Serving as a Trustee is a privilege that carries a substantial responsibility. Learn how to lead your school with a mission-driven, student-centered approach based on 45 years of ISM research and experience working with private school Boards.  

Better Boards, Better Schools is your guide to ensuring your actions as a Trustee help fulfill your school’s mission. Empower the strategic functions of your Board so your school thrives today and in the years to come.

The ISM Guide for Private School Trusteeship and Strategic Governance

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When you become a member of a school’s Board of Trustees, you are entrusted with great responsibilities. Your actions must work toward fulfilling your school’s mission, ensuring that every student is nurtured and developed. 

Your role is to provide support and resources to the School Head. Your relationship with this key administrator can help determine your school’s long-term success.

Rely on more than four decades of knowledge, research, and insight from ISM’s work with hundreds of private schools. Set your Board on the path to success to protect your school’s long-term viability. 

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • the ideal Board structure proven to best support your school;
  • strategic planning and strategic financial planning principles that are vital to long-term success;
  • financial aid strategies that can help fill more seats with mission-appropriate students while increasing your net-tuition revenue;
  • how to use the ISM Stability Markers® to address any organizational or financial weaknesses;
  • how to hold fruitful and productive Board meetings;
  • the right way to recruit and orient new Board members; 
  • the best methods for constructing a healthy and symbiotic relationship with the School Head; and
  • the role you need to play to effectively support all of your fundraising efforts.