Mission-Based Advisory: A Professional Development Manual (Third Edition)

Mission-Based Advisory: A Professional Development Manual (Third Edition)
Mission-Based Advisory: A Professional Development Manual (Third Edition)

Set your school apart. Create and strengthen your advisory program.
Mission-Based Advisory is a comprehensive, how-to guide for enhancing your school's advisory program. Paying increasing and well-deserved attention to students’ social-emotional learning and general well-being is now essential. 

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The book focuses on the professional development of advisors, and answers key questions about mission, professionalism, and ethics. We explain the how, what, and why for optimal engagement of all students. With this book, you can develop an advisory program best suited for your particular school!

Part I: Context

  • Nomenclature
  • Introduction to the Third Edition
  • Exemplary Advisory Programs

Part II: Philosophy

  • The Professional Advisor

Part III: Principles

  • Principles of Advisory
  • Advisory = (mission + relationships) – constraints

Part IV: Fundamental Practices

  • Introduction
  • Administrative Oversight
  • Advisory-Related Responsibilities of the Administrator
  • Advisory Program Committee
  • Defining Program Purpose
  • Program Design
  • Advisory Program Illustrations
  • Mission-Based Student Support Services
  • Programmatic Implications

Part V: Individual and Group Advisory

  • Individual Advisory
  • Group Advisory
  • Group Advisory: Faculty Professional and Student Leadership Development
  • Constraints: Yellow- and Red-Light Issues

Part VI: Hiring Process and Orientation

  • Advisory in the Hiring Process and Orienting Your New Advisors
  • Faculty Culture, Evaluation, Professional Development, and Compensation
  • Advisory Program Evaluation

Part VIII: Advisory in Boarding Schools

Part IX: Conclusion

  • The Win-Win of Advisory

Part X: Appendices and Resources

  • Commentary: The Advisory Program in 21st Century Schools
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Example of Educator Code of Ethics
  • Advisory Case Studies
  • Tools for the Professional Advisor Practitioner
  • Resources 

A comprehensive guide to creating and strengthening advisory—the why, the how, the keys to success, the pitfalls to avoid, and the ways advisory can enrich the culture of the school.

Robert Evans, Executive Director,
The Human Relations Service, MA

Mission-Based Advisory: A Professional Development Manual comprehensively frames the professional role of advisors and advisory programs and the meaningful relationships that develop between students and trusted adults in independent schools. More than ever, mission-driven independent schools are seeking ways to highlight the value added for students and families; implementation and application of an effective advisory program is a powerful example of value added and a distinctive quality of our schools. … This manual provides guidance for deans, counselors, administrators, and advisors to develop a new program or move an existing program to the next level.

Irene G. Mortensen, Director of Studies,
Gill St. Bernard’s School, NJ

Whether your school is implementing an advisory program or looking to renew one, this book provides workable strategies that are mission-driven. The suggested activities—for the advisory program and for advisor professional development—contribute to the development and sustainability of positive school culture and social-emotional learning for your students. I’m going to use this book with my Lead Advisory Group as we look to enhance our Middle School program.

Kathryn Christoph, Middle School Principal,
Dwight-Englewood School, NJ

A strong advising program is crucial in keeping a school’s mission alive and vibrant in the daily life of the school. Unfortunately, most schools provide little, if any, professional development for faculty to support this important role, creating an inconsistent experience for its students. Whether a school is looking to start an advisory program, rejuvenate one, or provide concrete professional development for its faculty, Roger Dillow’s Mission-Based Advisory: A Professional Development Manual is an important resource for all schools.

Douglas H. Lagarde, Head of School,
Severn School, MD