Business Certification Program

Business Certification Program
Business Certification Program

Highlight your business acumen and knowledge with professional certification.

Commit to continuous learning and keep pace with trends to stay in front of potential threats your school faces with ISM's Business Certification Program (BCP).

Demonstrate your thorough training and commitment to sound business operations specifically for private-independent schools. Experience, training, attendance at professional conferences, volunteerism, and peer review are all components leading to certification.

BCP offers three levels of certification based on progressively increasing requirements—Professional (BCP), Senior (BCP-S), and Executive (BCP-E).

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How to Apply for a BCP Certification

See the step-by-step process for applying for a Business Certification.

BCP Requirements Explained

Explore the requirements for each level of certification.

Guiding Principles of BCP

Discover the guiding principles that act as a standard of professionalism for the Business Certification Program.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about ISM's Business Certification Program.