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ISM Health Insurance: How ISM Differs

ISM's Health Insurance is dedicated to providing a complete insurance solution for private-independent schools. ISM is the leader in private-independent school management solutions worldwide, with expertise second to none. We can provide you with value-added information, beyond what your current broker has available.

What We Do

To develop the best health insurance plan your school can offer, ISM Insurance will:

  • Check your current roster against your current invoice to assure that your eligible employees are covered—and that you are not paying for those who are ineligible, or even no longer on your payroll.
  • Gather school-specific frequency and severity of claims from the insurance carrier. If we can’t get that information, we’ll develop a HIPAA-compliant survey to find out how your employees are using their health benefits.
  • Discuss plan modifications, including High Deductible Health (HRA/HSA) plans and partial self-funding in conjunction with Section 125 (Flexible Spending Account).
  • Assist with implementing a wellness program which, over time, reduces claims and absenteeism, and improves faculty morale.

To find out more about ISM's Health Insurance services for private-independent schools, e-mail ISM Insurance, Inc. President Martin Kelly, or call 302-656-4944.

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