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ISM Health Insurance: Wellness Programs

Studies show a $3 savings in healthcare for every $1 an organization spends on wellness. A wellness or health promotion plan can be an integral part of a vibrant faculty culture while saving your school dollars.

ISM Insurance Advisers can work with your school to put together a wellness plan that will help reduce absenteeism, improve recruiting and retention, and boost faculty/staff morale.

Opinion Leader Research, on behalf of the Well-Being Programme, Teacher Support Network, surveyed educators who had implemented a wellness program for one to three years. Here’s what they said happened since their programs began:

  • 70% said retention of existing staff was better to much better
  • 62% saw reductions in teacher absenteeism, and therefore, costs for substitutes
  • 57% said recruitment of new staff was better to much better
  • 85% noted an improvement in staff morale

To find out more about ISM's Health Insurance services for private-independent schools, e-mail ISM Insurance, Inc. President Martin Kelly, or call 302-656-4944.

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