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Foreign Property and Casualty: FAQ

Why would our school need a foreign property and casualty policy?

The simplest answer is: Domestic liability plans will not protect you for all the situations you might encounter outside the U.S. If your school offers international study opportunities for students then you should have a foreign property and causality plan. You never know what can happen while traveling abroad—medical emergencies, property damage, and kidnapping and extortion are among the most common risks.

What are some claim scenarios?

Commercial General Liability: On a trip to Europe, a curious student plugged their hair dryer into an outlet without a power converter. The experiment resulted in the destruction of the appliance, and damage to the hotel room that wasn’t covered under their U.S. General Liability policy. The school was held responsible for all the repairs, which included extensive rewiring and cosmetic remodeling.

Emergency Medical Evacuation: While hiking with classmates along a Brazilian trail, a student took a nasty fall, breaking an ankle and fracturing an elbow. Evacuation to the nearest city—nearly 85 miles away—was medically necessary to receive the proper treatment.

Kidnap and Extortion: Two students were abducted and held for $600,000 ransom while studying the Mayan Ruins in Honduras.

To find out more about Foreign Property and Casualty Insurance, or to obtain an application,
e-mail Andy Bobich, Directors & Officers Liability Department, or call 302-656-4944.

ISM’s Foreign Property and Casualty program is designed to fill coverage gaps associated with overseas exposures and is underwritten by the insurance companies of ACE USA, having A+ ratings and the capability of doing business in more than 150 countries.

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