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How do I submit an International College Student Accident and Sickness claim?

When you’re far from home, being sick, even a cold, can be a frightening event. Where do you go? How will you pay? Who is there to help guide you through the U.S. insurance process?

The last thing you want to worry about while feeling less than 100% is submitting your health insurance claim. The following steps will help you submit your claim with ease.

Below are the instructions for submitting a claim. Please click here to print a claim form.

  1. All claims must be submitted on the proper form. Complete in full, sign, and return the Claim Form, along with all itemized bills, to the below address within 30 days of the visit. If the claim is for an accident, explain what happened and identify the injured area of the body. Please do not omit any information when filling out the Claim Form – failure to complete the form in its entirety may result in payment being delayed.

    Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI),
    994 Old Eagle School Road
    Suite 1005
    Wayne, PA 19087-1802

  2. Contact all physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who have treated you or will be treating you, and give them the information about your insurance. You can ask the providers to bill ACI directly at the above address. If the providers will not bill the insurance for you, request copies of all the bills; include the name of the provider, date of service, the charges, the diagnosis codes, procedure codes, and the provider’s Federal Income Tax ID Number. ACI cannot process claim payments from balance due statements or collection notices.
  3. Be sure to attach a copy of any bills you may have to the Claim Form. Future bills can be submitted to ACI on their own. Providers may submit bills electronically using Payor #22384. Please make sure your name and ID Number are clear on all paperwork.
  4. If you have paid any providers directly, be sure to attach a receipt of payment to the itemized bill. Please let ACI know whom to reimburse (to whom the check should be made payable, and where reimbursement should be sent).
  5. Make copies of all forms for your records.
  6. You will receive a response from ACI within 2 weeks.
  7. You can check the status of your claim on ACI’s website –, or call ACI’s claim department at 610-293-9229/1-888-293-9229.

ISM’s International College Student Accident and Sickness Insurance is a product of ACI—an A+ rated carrier. Not all coverage is available in all states.

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