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Consortium Membership: FAQ

What is Consortium Membership?

There are two ways to become an ISM Consortium member. Your school can opt to join as a Gold member, or a Silver member, each with unique benefits and saving opportunities. Click here to see a complete list of each level's benefits.

What is Ideas & Perspectives?

Ideas & Perspectives (I&P) is ISM’s flagship publication, published 16 times a year, serving more than 8,500 private school decision-makers with answers to their school’s administrative and governance concerns. We like to think of it as the most forward-thinking advisory letter for private-independent school leaders available. Its cutting-edge theory and research make it a staple for Consortium memberships.

Both Gold and Silver Consortium members receive I&P in print (although the quantities differ), however only Gold members have access to the online article archives or receive electronic copies.

The succinct but very effective nature of the articles in I&P is a very attractive resource for independent school administrators. We refer to various issues all the time. The grounded, common sense is admirable. Well done!

David Robertson, Headmaster, Shawnigan Lake School, BC, Canada

Can I access I&P on my iPad if my school is a Silver member?

Absolutely! Accessing I&P on your iPad is as easy as scanning the QR code on the back of each printed issue. If you have a QR code scanner already installed, there’s nothing stopping you. If you don’t have a QR code scanner installed, no worries—we have developed an unique scanner just for your I&P subscription that is free in the Apple store. Click here for more information about SwiftScan.

Is there an I&P app available for my smart device?

Not yet. However, you can still add each issue of I&P to your smart device by scanning the QR code on the back of each printed issue with your existing QR code reader or with ISM’s SwiftScan, a custom QR scanner for I&P.

How much does membership cost?

It depends on whether you are taking advantage of the Gold membership or Silver membership.

Consortium Gold membership dues are based on your school's annual operating expenses, so membership is affordable for every school. However, we do have minimum and maximum dues. To calculate your membership dues, click here for our dues calculator.

Consortium Silver membership dues are more straightforward. Schools can sign up for Consortium Silver membership at $881 per year.

How long is our membership valid for?

Both Gold and Silver memberships will expire one year from the day it goes into effect. Don't worry—we will send you a renewal notice!

Is there a customer rewards program for using ISM services?

Consortium is a loyalty program itself, but we do reward Consortium Gold members with credits for attending workshops, using on-site consulting, referring new Consortium Gold members, and for simply renewing a membership! Members can then spend these credits on workshops, and consulting services.

What are Consortium credits and how does my school earn/spend them?

Consortium credits are part of the Loyalty Rewards Program for Gold Consortium members, and are used to reward members for their loyalty to ISM. Credits accumulate year to year and do not expire unless the school does not renew its Consortium membership.

If I enroll as Consortium Gold today, can I receive the Gold member pricing for a workshop?


How many Consortium members are there?

We have approximately 690 Consortium Gold members currently and that number is constantly changing. The current list of Gold members appears on the password-protected members area of the ISM Web site.

Is there an online Consortium community for networking?

Yes! In 2013, ISM launched the ISM Consortium Connection on LinkedIn. ISM Consortium members think creatively about the issues that shape private-independent schools.

The Consortium Connection is your place to discuss provocative questions, ideas, and theory with people who share your commitment—your fellow I&P readers and the ISM Consulting Team. You must have a current LinkedIn account to take part in this community. Log in or create a new account today at

How do I contact the Consortium Manager?

To find out more about your Consortium benefits, e-mail Sara Snowden, ISM's Consortium Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 141).

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