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Independent School Management, Inc. offers the only interdisciplinary set of credentials that recognizes learning across the areas of admission, development and marketing/communications in private-independent schools through its new International Advancement Certification Program (IACP).

The certificate reflects ISM’s continued commitment to excellence in the industry. It promotes common standards and asks advancement professionals to subscribe to a set of Advancement Guiding Principles. ISM is the leading resource for private-independent school management strategies. It provides creative strategies by combining extensive research, proven management techniques, and personalized service.

We believe it is vital to enhance and promote all of the advancement practices specific to the school context.

The IACP is the conduit for a school’s Advancement Team to achieve excellence and ensure that private-independent schools survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Roxanne S. Higgins
ISM President

In the past, those who served in the admission, marketing and communication, and development departments had nothing available to them that endorsed their level of professional accomplishment combined with a prescribed professional growth program to enhance their skill.

Now, like many other professions, independent school advancement officers who have received the IAP certificate will enjoy public acknowledgement of their more accomplished standing within the profession.

Amy Riley
ISM Consultant and Academic Dean,
International Advancement Certification Program

The IACP certification team is led by Dean Amy Riley, IAP-S, ISM Consultant; Dr. Paula Schwartz, IAP-L, ISM Development Consultant; and Simon Jeynes, IAP-L, ISM Senior Consultant.

There are three levels of certification. Requirements at the Professional level include a minimum of two years of advancement experience in private-independent schools, a letter of recommendation from the School Head, attendance at an advancement conference of the applicant’s choice, written affirmation of ISM’s Guiding Principles of Advancement Actions and Core Values for Advancement, as well as 40 credits from ISM’s annual Advancement Academy.

IACP Requirements for the Leader and Senior designations include additional years of experience and advancement conference attendance, 50 additional credits of professional development, and service to the community.

The foundation of the IAP certification is ISM’s Advancement Academy, is being offered July 21-25, 2014 in San Diego, CA. Attendees, working with expert faculty practitioners, will be able to complete their first-level certification training requirements at the Academy’s conclusion. Limited space is still available for this year’s academy.

For information about the IACP, contact Amy Riley at 302-656-4944 or or visit

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