High school good advice Setting up succeed

High School Rigor and Good Advice: Setting Up Students to Succeed



Released October 2012. This report aims to provide a better understanding of those students who are not persisting past their first year of college, and what kinds of factors influence this. If state policymakers, post-secondary institutions, school districts, and high schools can implement policies that increase first to second year persistence, it can dramatically increase the amount of students who eventually obtain a post-secondary degree. The main findings in this report point to the highest level of math in high school, taking an AP/IB course, and meeting with college academic advisors as factors that can greatly improve the chances that a student will persist to their second year of college. This report separates four-year from two-year institutions so that we can see the differences in their student populations and persistence. After describing the findings, this report will provide some suggested actions that school districts and policymakers can take to help improve student post-secondary persistence.

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