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    For years now, this phrase has been the tagline for Ideas & Perspectives, our flagship publication. The phrase not only reflects the content of our advisory letter, but it resides at the core of Independent School Management’s raison d'être—supporting private-independent school leaders.

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Best Practices in Teacher Pay for Performance Models

Released December 2012. In this report, Hanover Research examines four aspects of performance-based compensation: pay for performance systems, evaluating teachers of non-tested subject areas, evaluator training and reliability of evaluation ratings, and student and teacher outcomes. Although the research is based on public school systems, elements may be applicable in a private school setting.

Security Checklist

Facilities Security Checklist

This short checklist is designed to help you enhance security on your school's campus facilities, both external and internal building areas. The list is meant only as a launching point to fully develop your risk management plans for your specific facilities.

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Private Schooling in the U.S.: Expenditures, Supply, and Policy Implications

This report provides a first-of-its-kind descriptive summary of private school expenditures. It includes comparisons of expenditures among different types and affiliations of private schools, and it also compares those expenditures with public school expenditures for districts in the same state and labor market. Citation: Baker, B. (2009). Private schooling in the U.S.: Expenditures, supply, and policy implications. Boulder and Tempe: Education and the Public Interest Center & Education Policy Research Unit. Retrieved January 2011 from http://epicpolicy.org/publication/private-schooling-US


Full Steam Ahead: Cutting Edge Research and Opinion for Excellent Independent Schools

In the Spring 2010 edition of Independent School, NAIS, writes persuasively and interestingly in the article, “A Game-Changing Model for Financially Sustainable Schools.” ISM has written the following commentary concerning the issue of sustainability and the points that NAIS makes. ISM concurs that there is a “game changer” in private education and that this game changer will be evidenced in the finances of schools—but the finances of schools are the wrong focus for understanding what the change is.


Full Steam Ahead: Part 2: Cutting Edge Research and Opinion for Excellent Independent Schools

As a follow-up to ISM’s “Full Steam Ahead” report, we partnered with Measuring Success to conduct a price elasticity study with 140 private schools across the United States to determine if there truly is a “tipping point” when setting tuition. The following report provides the results of that study, with the key finding that there is no mathematical relationship between tuition change and enrollment.

Fundraising Basics Private Facilities

Fundraising Basics for Private School Facilities

Released 2009. This report from the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities provides some basic advice concerning fund raising for new or renovated facilities at private schools. Major topics include "Setting up a Comprehensive Development Program," "Planning a Capital Campaign," and "Conducting a Capital Campaign."

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