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    For years now, this phrase has been the tagline for Ideas & Perspectives, our flagship publication. The phrase not only reflects the content of our advisory letter, but it resides at the core of Independent School Management’s raison d'être—supporting private-independent school leaders.

Effective Practices

Effective Practices for International Baccalaureate Programs

Released October 2012. In this report, Hanover Research provides a general review of literature related to the effective administration of International Baccalaureate(IB) programs. Specifically, the report reviews best practices as related to program evaluation, highlighting key metrics used to gauge the efficacy of IB, in terms of both student-level outcomes and broader program impact.

Preventing Tobacco Use 2012

Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults: A Report of the Surgeon General

Released 2012. This report focuses on the health consequences, epidemiology, etiology, reduction, and prevention of tobacco use for those in the young adolescent (11–14 years of age), adolescent (15–17 years of age), and young adult (18–25 years of age) age groups. Although cigarette smoking is the most common form of tobacco use in the United States, this report focuses on other forms as well, such as using smokeless tobacco (including chew and snuff) and smoking a product other than a cigarette, such as a pipe, cigar, or bidi (tobacco wrapped in tendu leaves). Because for young people the use of one form of tobacco has been associated with use of other tobacco products, it is particularly important to monitor all forms of tobacco use in this age group.

Growing Up LGBT in America

Growing Up LGBT in America: HRC Youth Survey Report Key Findings

This groundbreaking research among more than 10,000 LGBT-identified youth ages 13-17 provides a stark picture of the difficulties they face. The impact on their well-being is profound, however these youth are quite resilient. They find safe havens among their peers, online and in their schools. They remain optimistic and believe things will get better. Nevertheless, the findings of Growing Up LGBT in America are a call to action for all adults who want to ensure that young people can thrive.

full day kindergarten academic achievement 2010

Assessing 21st Century Skills

Released April 2012. In this report, Hanover Research examines strategies for assessing 21st century skills, with a particular emphasis on the “three Cs”—critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. In accordance with our member’s research request, our analysis focuses on non-multiple choice standardized assessments. The report is divided into five sections: Defining 21st Century Skills, Rubric Assessments, Project-Based Assessments, Self- and Peer Assessments, and Case Studies.

Parent Re enrollment 2012.pn

Annual ISM Parent Re-enrollment Survey Brief, April 2012

Released April 2012. In January 2012, Independent School Management issued an invitation to School Heads to ask their current families to participate in a brief online research survey. The schools, of every type, size and configuration, were not "selected" in any manner. They were simply a current or past client school for which we had the Head's email address. We asked 5135 schools in the United States to participate. The Heads were sent all information necessary to participate in the initial invitation. We cannot definitively say how many schools chose to participate, just that 6,311 families took the survey, representing 8077 students. One of the purposes of this survey was to gather data on factors impacting private school families' re-enrollment decision, and whether or not they planned to re-enroll.


How Blogs, Social Media, and Video Games Improve Education

Released April 24, 2012. Digital tools represent new ways for participation, engagement, and collaboration to take place. Through digital communications, students, teachers, parents, and administrators can share insights and reactions and develop a better understanding of instructional activities. Many teachers are incorporating elements of blogs, wikis, social media, and video games into the classroom. They are experimenting with new delivery systems and report high student satisfaction with these pedagogical approaches. Published by The Brookings Institution.

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