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The Importance of Tracking Alumni Accomplishments

Advancement ● May 16, 2019

Highlighting what your alumni accomplish after graduation is one of the best ways to market your school. By using real-life examples to illustrate student outcomes, prospective families can see the value your school provides—and choose to send their children to your institution.

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Key Elements of Your School’s Insurance Policy

Business and Operations ● May 10, 2019

An effective insurance policy is one where your school transfers risk to a third-party to protect your school’s long-term interests. But sometimes it helps to have a breakdown of how exactly to read an insurance policy to ensure it provides the protection you require.

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Reducing Operating Costs—Without Causing Panic

Business and Operations ● May 9, 2019

It can feel like your job constantly revolves around cutting costs and balancing budgets. An area where many Business Managers focus their attention when it comes to the budget is employee benefits.

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School Gardens: Learning Beyond the Crops

Private School News ● April 30, 2019

There is a lot to learn from nature around us—a deeper lesson than what can be taught from computer screens and lectures. Schools that fold garden lessons into classroom curriculum can create an even more impactful learning experience.

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The Best Strategy to Develop Your Board’s Financial Aid Policy

Board of Trustees ● April 26, 2019

Your Board is responsible for developing a comprehensive policy on financial aid, based on your school's particular mission and budget guidelines (careful calculations of per-pupil cost, retained earnings, and incremental costs.) But what frames an effective financial aid policy?

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