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Risk Management: Managing Vaccine Policies and Infectious Outbreaks on Campus

Private School News ● August 30, 2019

The conversations about vaccines—benefits versus risks, conspiracies versus truths, personal rights versus public safety—are not new to private school leaders. Both sides of the debate have strong opinions and can be very vocal. Schools must make decisions reflective of their mission and culture to best protect their students, faculty, and staff.

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High Risk for Educators: Secondary Traumatic Stress

Private School News ● July 26, 2019

Secondary traumatic stress (STS), sometimes known as compassion fatigue, is a condition that impacts people who work with others who have experienced trauma. Education leaders should be aware of this condition and explore ways to support faculty and staff as they work with children from all backgrounds.

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Get Back in Touch: Improving Your Mental Health

Private School News ● June 30, 2019

If you’re experiencing a tough time or dealing with secondary traumatic stressors, it can be difficult to appreciate life's good moments. Bettering your mental health can make happiness easier to accept and improve your overall health. After all, the key to a healthy body is a healthy mind. There are simple ways to get back in touch with yourself and improve your mental state.

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2019 Recommended Summer Reading for Private School Administrators

Private School News ● June 29, 2019

As we close out the final days of June, take a moment to congratulate yourself—you made it! Now as the summer months take hold, we have a few reading recommendations. Pick up these books to learn and grow so you’re ready to take on a fresh school year this fall.

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Designing a Formal, Full-Board Proposal

Board of Trustees ● June 27, 2019

When a Board committee or Trustee is on the agenda to present a proposal to the Board, expect him or her to come thoroughly prepared. The following template helps in organizing a proposal presentation. Send formal proposals electronically or by mail to all Trustees a week before the meeting, to allow review of the ideas.

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2019 Recommended Summer Reading for Academic Leaders

Academic Leadership ● June 25, 2019

The summer months are a perfect time for self reflection, level setting, and creating new goals. We have a few summer reading picks that are perfect for academic leaders. Read on for our 2019 recommendations for summer reads and resources.

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