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Eight International Student Recruitment Strategies to Consider

Private School News ● December 20, 2018

International students can add so much to your school. They can help expand your school’s cultural footprint, bring together students of different backgrounds, and support your goal of fostering a well-rounded community of like-minded learners. But how do you help mission-appropriate international students learn about your school, and recruit them to join your institution?

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How Should the Board Share Information With the School’s Families?

Board of Trustees ● December 19, 2018

Maintaining appropriate communication with parents, faculty, and the Leadership Team can help ease the pressure on Trustees to share what has occurred during a meeting. When constituents know that they will be provided with reliable, relevant information on a consistent basis, they are less likely to probe the Trustees one-on-one.

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The Hidden Organizational Pitfalls of a Head Search

Board of Trustees ● December 17, 2018

The intangible, indirect “costs” of a Head search may be the most difficult to estimate because they do not fall into personnel costs or time. They may involve many people’s responses to the need for and the process of a search.

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The Factors Division Heads Need to Prosper

Academic Leadership ● December 14, 2018

The Division Head is often a “middle man” of sorts in your school hierarchy. Therefore, it’s integral that this role—one that holds everyone together—gets what it needs to prosper.

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Three Ways Recess and Play Improve Classroom Learning

Academic Leadership ● December 13, 2018

The school day is packed with activities and objectives, and it can be difficult to fit everything in. You want your students to succeed, and give them the best learning opportunities possible. Often, when it comes to priorities, recess and time for unstructured play can fall to the bottom of the list.

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How to Communicate Before, During, and After a School Survey Initiative

Advancement ● December 12, 2018

As a member of the enrollment management or marketing team, you might be tasked with handling the communication before, during, and after a survey initiative. It’s important to let students, parents, and faculty know about your survey and what you hope to achieve so there are no questions throughout the process.

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Asking Employees to Volunteer at Events? Consider This.

Advancement ● December 11, 2018

You probably manage the planning and execution of at least a few events throughout the school year, and you might lean on your staff to help run these events. This may be OK, as long you keep specific guidelines in mind to ensure all employees are treated fairly.

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Tips to Keep in Mind During Hiring Season

Business and Operations ● December 5, 2018

We may be several months away from traditional hiring season, but it’s always good to brush up on tips and tricks before it starts full-force to keep the process running smoothly.

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Concussion Protocols You Must Know

Business and Operations ● December 4, 2018

Accidents involving students, teachers, or staff are bound to happen from time to time. Whether you offer contact sports or someone simply falls, your school should create, distribute, and follow concussion protocols that can be easily referenced when an accident occurs.

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