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Six Questions Schools Should Ask Now: A Framework for the Fall

School Heads // January 31, 2021

School leaders have learned a great deal about educating students in a COVID-19 environment. It is clear that many challenges will extend into the fall. ​​​​​​​Therefore, it is essential for community stakeholders to feel informed about ongoing work, especially how leaders are planning for the 2021–22 school year.

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How to Set Mission-Driven Tuition Post Pandemic

Business and Operations // January 31, 2021

Tuition setting is the cornerstone of your school's sustainability—acting as a compass and charting the course for your long-term viability. Consider all the essential variables to your sustainability. Price yourself according to those variables and the mission-driven program you want to deliver.

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Four Ways to Project Enrollment for the 2021–22 School Year

Enrollment Management // January 31, 2021

Almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, where do schools find themselves? For many, future enrollment is unclear. While the presence of a vaccine may make in-class offerings more viable, it is unknown if this will have a positive effect on schools’ enrollment forecasts.

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Goal Setting for Teachers Amid Uncertainty

Academic Leadership // January 17, 2021

A growth-oriented faculty culture is imperative for school success. Teachers who constantly strive to better serve their students are the backbone of their schools—they are the frontline, delivering missions with excellence.

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Four Approaches for Effective Executive Leadership

School Heads // January 17, 2021

Between COVID-19, economic recession, and political and social unrest, it is clear that schools must reevaluate priorities to deal with the realities of the current conditions. Every school’s future will rely on these considerations.

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The New Stimulus Package and Your School—Round 2

School Heads // January 10, 2021

The new $900 billion relief bill, signed into law on December 27, 2020, is called the Consolidated Appropriations Act. The bill includes direct payments to individuals, expands unemployment benefits, and reopens the popular Paycheck Protection Program. It provides funding for schools, childcare, and vaccine distribution and administration. It also includes rental assistance, nutrition assistance, and grants for theaters and other live event venues.

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